Sunday, October 12, 2008

Not Specific is a live talk show created and hosted by Sarah Febbraro. These two episodes featured guests from Febbraro’s daily encounters in the Rogers Park neighborhood during her month long project at Mess Hall. Each episode includes two interviews, live musical accompaniment by local funk band Tiger Trio and two performance acts (band, dance group or improvised outburst). Not Specific is about facilitating an event for people to share their life experiences and talents with others in the Rogers Park community as well as the Chicago community at large.

Ep.1 Theme Song by Tiger Trio

Ep.1 Part 1 Introduction and interview with Jan.

Ep. 1 Part 2 Lord Valkery sings a song in acapella.

Ep. 1 Part 3 Lisa and Steph play a song.

Ep.1 Part 4 Interview: Stacy and Eric talk about their hotdog project.

Ep. 1 Part 5 Tiger Trio Music